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Just a few of the hundreds of
testimonials we have on file.




"Very informative and valuable. I got a $25,000 grant. Thank you!" -Tricia Levine

"I came in not knowing step one for a proposal, but this course has been an incredible learning experience. I feel I have a good understanding of how to put together a good proposal." -Tom Hartshorn

"This was extremely helpful! I can’t wait to write my first grant!" - Kristin Flores

"Comprehensive information, energetic and knowledgeable teacher, great one-on-one advice." - Stephanie Van

"A very good overview of the grant writing process." - Beth Tomasovich



“Thank you again for what you shared with us in the grant writing class. I took your advice…Last Wednesday we received notification that the foundation board has approved our proposal of $400,000.” – Kathleen Tiemubol

"Excellent introduction to Grant Writing." - Kimler Gutierrez

"Practical information to win grants!" - Pastor A. Johnson


“This was awesome - Excellent info!” – Jennifer Hamilton

"This course gave me the tools, to feel comfortable in writing my first grant proposal." - Jalila Walker

"All of this course is good and valuable. Keep it up!!" - Sergio Souz

"Great information!" - Matt Nall


“Through coaching and specialized classes and instruction offered…we have had a 70% hit rate in grant application approvals…this relationship has proven to be very effective, with huge returns on our investment…” Wendell E. Hall

"I think this was an excellence course. It was well organized and well executed." - Jessica Delpino

"The enthusiasm and clarity of your course made all the difference! Thanks!" - James Bucknam


“Last year I was seeking to set-up a community youth center at the church. I attended the grant writing seminar. This was followed by several sessions of one-on-one coaching opportunities. We applied for a set-up grant and was awarded $15,000. This grant was possible primarily due to the professional guidance through the project design and the grant writing process. The staff is more than knowledgeable. They are friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help folks like me figure out how to do what I feel call to do, serve the community." - Kinoti Meme, PhD.

"This class was informative, engaging and excellent!" - Vanessa Meier

"This course made me feel I could actually do this! Thank you!" - Vicki Elkins




There are several factors that contribute to being able to win grant money for your cause and organization. Our grant writing online course has been taught in universities, colleges, and corporations. This online version offers the same valuable information, plus a lot more is under review to determine what the typical results will be for those completing and fully applying our methods. If you listen to the training and do not apply the strategies mentioned you will be less likely to receive grant monies for your project. Thus, in order to fully realize the goal of getting funded, you must listen to our grant training and apply the principles and techniques which will help you increase your chances of getting funded. Our training is designed mostly for those seeking funding for a 501c3 nonprofit organization through public and/or private grants. Our grant writing online course believes in being honest and makes no promise to anyone concerning the results they will receive as you apply for grants. However, we do stand by our valuable products and services. The testimonials on this site are real people and not actors. We have elected to use stock photos instead of the actual photo of these individuals since many are spread across a broad geographical area. The initial testimonies are primarily drawn from participants who have engaged in our on-site trainings. We will provide more testimonials from our online grant writing course participants in the months to follow and you can help us add to this information by sharing your honest feedback on our contact page.