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Gini holter

Nursing Professor (Collin College)

Kelsey prenger

Project Transformation

"I just wanted to thank Rodney Walker for all his encouragement and help in regards to all his efforts. I took his class before I even started my new job as a grant writer and within ninety days we received funding. So thank you Rodney for all your encouragement along the way."

Patsy Summey

Retired Elementary School Teacher

John Bell

Local Government City Worker for the City of Madera

"Hi my name is Jessica Amarante and I'm with the Paterson Police Department. I attended the two day course for the basic grant writing. When I came into the establishment, i had no knowledge at all how to prepare proposals and what has to be done to get funded. With the two day experience, i was able to find out what steps I have to take for certain researches, the online research  and I was able to understand what has to be needed to do the basic and get my foot into doing the basic information for grant writing."

Paula Brown

Delaware Nation (Tribe of Western Oklahoma)

Julie Ha Troung

Education Manager - Center for Nonprofit Management in Los Angeles

Jessica Amarante

Police Officer for Paterson, New Jersey

David Walker

Former Boys & Girls Alliance of Los Angeles County Executive Director

"I just wanted to say thanks to Rodney Walker and Grant Central USA for taking the time and energy to train so many of our grant writers and organizations here. They all walked away saying they learned so much more and now they can take their organizations to newer heights. Thanks Rodney!" 
"I thought the grant course provided a great foundation and building blocks for the beginning grant writer as well as more experienced grant writers so it really provided something for everyone."
"Hi I'm Gini and I just finished a two days workshop with Grant Central USA. It has been an incredible two days. I've learned just an enormous amount of information about grant writing, finding funders, obtaining those funds for my nonprofit organization. I highly recommend this workshop and I am looking forward to attending more workshops with this organization." What did you like best? "Everything...there is not anything in these two days that I did not find quite valuable. I think the entire time I have spent in this workshop has been a value and has been a good investment of my time."
"This is an excellent class for any level of grant writing that you may be doing. If you are a beginner or if you are an advanced grant writer you will walk away learning something and gaining some valuable tools that you can move forward and become a better grant writers. It's a class I would recommend and encourage everyone to take." 
"Hi! I'm Patsy Summey. I'm the Project Coordinator for Baby Moses Dallas and this was my first experience with the Grant Central USA workshop. It was wonderful. The materials and handouts that we received are going to be so helpful for me. In the past, I had a phone phobia. I've been afraid about trying to call and ask for money or ask for help and this helped me. The hands on training just was spot-on. So, I highly recommend it, come to one of these workshops."
"...Grant Central USA is actually our grant writing partner. We use to hold a lot of trainings in-house but we don't want to recreate the wheel every time, so we look towards Grant Central USA to offer our grant writing trainings...online as well as in-person trainings...Rodney Walker is a great trainer and I think if you give it a try you will enjoy it as well."