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I recently took the grant online course...it was so much valuable information. I am ready to get started. It really was a lot of great information.

It was my first time taking an online grant course so there were many things I didn't know about writing a grant...I just thought maybe you fill out an application and send it in, but there is so much more that goes with that. You know, the research that you need to do for the different foundations.

Learning that the 990 Form that is my best friend and just really getting in there and taking a look at your own organization to see where you want to take it and how you can help to help the community.

I like the fact that it has a sample cover letter, sample budget...I mean everything that you can pretty much use to write your own information...as a target...as an example...

I've taken some online courses before. This course had a lot of information about how the people who give grants think and view the applications.

I got a lot of information that I didn't know before because I'm interested in writing grants...I might apply to some. So it was really helpful to look at the other side of it rather than just thinking about what can I write in order to impress them.

I really liked the voice-over format because the slides are helpful but listening to someone talk about the slides it was really like I was in a class watching a real presentation.

I would say it is very helpful. Yeah, you can learn a lot about grant writing...actually pretty much everything you need to know about grant writing from this course I think.

I took the online grant writing course about three days ago and it was phenomenal. It took such a complicated issue, like grant writing which is something I've never done before and it managed to actually simplify it and streamline it so that I now feel comfortable being able to do it for a nonprofit company.

I like how it didn't focus on the paperwork and the little minutia of it all. It focused more on being able to take the relatable stories and the impact that it has on people and bring more of a humanity back to what we all kind of forgotten about (what it means to be a nonprofit...the helping other people)...and it focused on how to related that to an investor.

What surprised me was how easy it all is really...It didn't seem daunting...while it did feel like a lot, but it felt like they were guiding me through step-by-step being able to do and it just made it all seem a lot more manageable and a lot more doable.