“I cannot think of a better investment for a new or experienced grant writer than accessing the full range of memorable and rare materials available through Grant Writing Online Course…I expect that those who invest in the deluxe version of this course will enjoy powerful advantages vis-à-vis other grant writers while enjoying the complete confidence that they are on the cutting edge of what it takes to write winning grant proposals today.”  John C. Drew

"In a time where every dollar counts, Grant Central USA has developed a brilliant service. This online training program is a valuable tool for nonprofits of all sizes. It enables organizations to apply for dollars that were previously out of reach due to time and personnel constraints." Jane Haderlein

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Yes, we provide CEUs and Certificates of Completion with our classes!

“Through coaching and specialized classes and instruction offered...we have had a 70% hit rate in grant application approvals...this relationship has proven to be very effective, with huge returns on our investment."  - Wendell Hall

A Letter From One of Our Students

I once thought the task of applying for grants was overwhelming.

I did not know how to approach it or where to even start. With there being so many books on grant writing techniques, I was not sure which materials were the best to start with. I purchased one book years ago and was disappointed with the material that it offered. I eventually walked away from the process. Then I was introduced to this online grant writing course.

The first thing that appealed to me was that it  teaches you how to prepare to apply for grants before you actually sit down and start writing. I’m a very methodical person, so having a list of things to have in place is extremely helpful for me.

I value the templates offered by the site, and know that I will be recycling them in the applications that I submit.

I enjoy learning from people who have experience, so the interviews that this company has done with program officers and funders was helpful.

Listening to the presentations, I became more comfortable with the vocabulary that is commonly used by grant funders and program officers. I valued being able to hear about grant writing from their perspective. Information such as what they looked for and valued in grant proposals as well as the mistakes commonly made allowed me to learn from their experience.

There was also key information on how to stand out amongst my competitors. I did not know the importance of being specific in a grant proposal. I have learned that having vision and mission statements is simply not enough.

The classes have challenged me in articulating exactly how I will carry out the vision and mission statements while communicating how relevant my organization is to a funder’s goals.

I highly recommend this class. Whether you are entirely new to the field of grant writing or simply want to tighten up your approach, this organization is well worth the investment.The courses offered here will teach you not only how to get funding, but also how to cultivate relationships with funders.

Sheridan Richards

Executive Director

Circle Y Ranch

“I came in not knowing step one for a proposal, but this course has been an incredible learning experience. I feel I have a good understanding of how to put together a good proposal.” - Tom Hartshorn 

Grant WritinG online course

“Thank you again for what you shared with us in the grant writing class. I took your advice…Last Wednesday we received notification that the foundation board has approved our proposal of $400,000.” - Kathleen Tiemubol