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Yes, we provide CEUs and Certificates of Completion with our classes!

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If the truth be told, Not all Grant Writing Online Courses are created the same. 

This Special Report highlights 10 Things To Ask A Grant Writing Online Course Provider BEFORE You Let Them Teach YOU To Write A Grant!

  1. Is the grant writing online course video-based or is it antiquate and outdated requiring me to read everything like a text book?
  2. Can I see and hear a sample of what your grant writing instructors are like so I can assess their knowledge and communication style to see if it fits with how I like to learn?
  3. Will all my lessons be available at once or do I have to wait for the lectures to be delivered when it is convenient for you?
  4. Am I learning from just one instructor or will I be able to hear from several experts while taking this course?
  5. Does your grant writing course come with a free membership to the Grant Writers Association or any grant professional organization with a national presence?
  6. Will I have access to your online grant writing course for at least 6 months to give myself plenty of time to re-listen to the lessons if I desire?
  7. Does your grant writing trainings offer free, on-going support such as grant writing coaching videos after the course? If so, can I see a sample?
  8. Will your grant writing training provide me with any exclusive grant writing training videos and special reports to help guide me step-by-step and motivate me to action after the course is over?
  9. Am I required to show up at a set time and participate in group activities?
  10. Does your training help me turn the skill of grant writing into a career, full or part-time business if I want to earn extra money on the side using this newly acquired knowledge?

Our classes includes membership into the Grant Writers Association